anouar adlani

As software architect I was responsible to find technical solutions to solve the scalability issues faced by the company while refactoring several part of the existing core system.

  • Anticipate on technological evolutions
  • Build durable architectures
  • Promote genericity and abstraction
  • Bridge between developers, project managers, and business experts
  • Technological evangelization
  • Ensure the technical directions and choices
Key Achievement:
  • Introduction of Java in the development team
  • Rewrite of core services with Java
  • Team training on trending technologies

Anouar is a hard worker. He listen carefully and pay attention to the financial needs that he answer in a timely and successful manner.

Julien Frank - DCL Group SA, DCL Group SA
  • Java
  • Hibernate
  • PHP5
  • CakePHP
  • Pear
Client side:
  • jQuery
  • Prototype
  • Scriptaculous
  • MySQL
Operating Systems:
  • Red Hat 5
  • Mac OS X
  • Ubuntu