• Human Driven Development

    IT manager role consists, among other things, to improve team productivity, product quality and to help the teams to get things done. That should sound basic, but for me, the only way to reach that goal is to focus on the human side. There’s no rocket science here, but behind each line of code, there are human beings in a specific mood, working in a particular condition.

  • 10 frequently asked questions about DNS solved with DIG

    Everyday I have to deal with DNS queries, and I’ve noticed my colleagues and friends often ask me about the way to troubleshot their domain names’ zone (that’s what friends are useful for, no ?). I’ll try to document my process as clearly as possible in order to face that kind of problems.

  • What's a domain name and what's behind the scene

    New to the domain name industry, or want to refresh your general knowledge about domain names ? I will try in this post to explain some basics of domain names to help you understand details involved. If you have been in the industry since 10 years, then this article is definitely not for you

  • How to backup with RSYNC, TAR, CRON and GPG

    The aim of this post is to describe how I have created my modest personal backup that I use during my working days. I will not expend myself on the importance of Backing up your files, but since it’s not Rocket Science, I will spend more time describing the commands and tools I use with their related options since there are some unix tricks that are good to know.

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